Life Not Found

In a galaxy devoid of known life you set out on a mission to find it. Crashing on a mysterious world you inadvertently introduced the very life you were seeking. Use your skills to craft, build and explore to survive in this alien world!

Randomly Generated Islands

Every seed is randomly Generated to create islands with different biomes. Other islands will spawn in and out providing new challenges.

Interact With Life

Multiple plants and animals affect your gameplay on surviving.

Use Vehicles to Explore

Create different modes of transportation depending on your tech level.

Game Features


Survival Gameplay

Randomly Generated Floating Islands

Building and Production Using Drones

PvE involving combat, balancing life, and avoiding hazards

Vehicle Gameplay for Exploration


Unreal Engine

Source Control by GitTea

CI/CD by Jenkins



Under Current Development


      Project Lead

Arrone B.

      Lead Design

 James D.


 Lead Programmer

 Richard T.


 Matias V.     Aaron H.

 Lucas G.


     Lead Artist

     Sarah R.


     Lay B.            Cody J.

           Callie D.        Taylor D.

           Rachel S.       Arthur V.


    Chris G.

    Kai B.


     James D.

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