Control is an on-going Team Domination game where four teams fight for control points. The more control points your team owns, the more resources, nano and Grid XP you earn for your team. Use your resources to upgrade your base, weapons, armor and more!


Our Minecraft network is no longer maintained.


Project Lead: ArroneXB

Lead Programmer: mostfunguy

Art and Resource Pack: ArroneXB

Level Designers: Ebolagod, Cheetah, wiitykev


Minecraft – Spigot

Skript Programming

Control the Map

Fight for control of territories to gain resources for your team. Traverse unique terrain and stay tuned to the status of land online through our custom Dynamic Map.

Choose Your Team

Select your team that you’ll bring to victory! Every team has a unique playstyle and certain advantages on the battlefield.

Select Your Class

Decide your class based on your playstyle. 

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