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About US

Off the Grid Games LLC is in the business of creating games using the Unreal Engine. Our team is determined in learning and creating new games with their flexible schedules.

Starting our Roots in Mods 

After forming a team of programmers, designers and level editors, Off the Grid network creating multiple arcade based games in Minecraft. One hit was Control where hundreds of players fought for territories on a single map.

Learning Unreal Engine

When we wanted to do more, the team moved to Unreal Engine. Using its unlimited power, we were able to create anything we wanted. Starting small, we created a few side projects that lead to one game being Greenlit on Steam.

Our Team

Our team consists of multiple developers from all over the world.

Off the Grid Games LLC

Off The Grid Games is a team of developers aimed at creating games where people will have fun and enjoy. We are in collaboration with Doerr Comics.

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